Pars Sealing System is a stand-alone company benefitting from years of previous associations with EagleBurgmann Germany experience. In year 2002 "Burgmann Pars" entered into the sealing systems industries Iranian market in the framework of a technology transfer contract. At present, Burgmann Pars with new name of “Pars Sealing Systems Company” has equipped with a full stage manufacturing plant for a big variety of pump and compressor seals, mainly on the API 682, 617 and 614range. Meanwhile, a service center in Mahshahr has been equipped to service main petrochemical companies and oil refineries in the region. In addition to sealing technology, Pars Sealing Systems Company also provides a wide and different range of Supply Systems, Expansion Joints (Fabric, Rubber & Steel), Flexible Hoses, Packings, Gaskets, Magnetic Couplings, Carbon Segment Seals (ESPEY Seals) and GT Air Filters
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