Pars Sealing Systems Company Introduction

Utilization of modern knowledge of EagleBurgmann Germany in field of advanced sealing systems, Pars Sealing Systems Company registered officially in Iran/Tehran, numbered 188057. The main purpose for initiating of the company in Iran was transferring of dominant technology of sealing systems production, based on designing and after sales services to all Iranian customers, based on the latest international standards of API 682,
At present, designing, production and repairing of all kinds of pumps & compressors sealing systems (Mechanical Seals & Dry Gas Seals) are fulfilled in our production line in Tehran and a full equipped service center unit in Mahshahr port, in south of Iran by support of EagleBurgmann Germany’s know-how and cooperation of more than 100 expert employees.

Pars Sealing Systems Company (Burgmann Pars) activities have been started in 2002, by utilization of all experiences & achievements of management ,up to now to dedicate special services for mechanical seals along with quality certificates as follow:
1) Design and production of mechanical seals and supply systems, used in different kinds of pumps in oil, gas and petrochemical industries based on API 682,4th edition.
2) Design, production and repair ,include static and dynamic test of “Dry Gas Seals”,
3 )designing and production of “API PLANS Accessories“(Supply Systems)
4) Repairing all kind of mechanical seals, used in different pumps and Mixers in different industrial sites and factories.
5) Commissioning and pre-commissioning of units in the oil, gas and petrochemical projects by Iranian technical specialists
6) Technical & engineering consultation to optimize sealing systems as the latest universal standards and achievements.
7) Retrofit of bad-actor mechanical seals with “37-EagleBurgmann” seals
8) Training courses in mechanical seals & dry gas seals for customers.
9) Retrofit of dry gas seal instead of old sealing systems of compressors (Oil Seals)